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1. Title Case

Title case is the most popular form of title and headline capitalization and is seen in all four major title capitalization styles.

Title Case Converter : type text or peste text in to text area and pressTitle Case button to see your text in title case see below.

Title Case Converter

2. Sentence Case

Sentence case Sentence case is the right way of using capital letters in order or capitalizing only the first word and any individual nouns.

Convert Text Into Sentence Case : you need to type or peste your code on text area box and then press Sentense Case button see below.

Sentense Case Converter

3. Capital Case

Capital letters can be used in names in 'title case,' which involves obtaining the first word, the last word, and all 'principal words.

Capital Case Online : Type your text in this below text area and press Capital Case button to see your text in capital case see below.

Capital Case Converter

4. Lower Case

Letter case is the difference between the letters that are in more substantial uppercase or capitals.

How to Convert Lower Case On Your Text : write your text on to text area and then press Lower Case button to see your text in lower case.

Lower Case Converter

5. Upper Case

Upper Case is the all character of word are in Upper and capital no one word and character in lower and other.

How to Use Upper Case On Your Text : type or peste your text on text area and then press Upper Case button to see your text in upper case.

Upper Case Converter

6. Copy Text

Finally if you need to copy this content and just press Copy button to copy text and your work is done.

Copy Text to text area

Enjoy your day with this text case converter free tool. Thank you!